The Team

Our Principals, Architects and Designers are thought leaders in their respective fields. Bringing together creative, technical, and operational expertise, their holistic approach enhances the design and construction process, and contributes to the success of each project.

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We are dedicated to honest professionalism, intellectual curiosity and innovation in design. A building’s inhabitants… its users, residents, operators, and workers, have differing needs and expectations for their environment. Efficiency, comfort, durability, and beauty are often considered to be at odds with one another. We believe in resolving these conflicts, and that pragmatic and provocative new architectural forms are being energized by the forward-looking theories of living and care that each individual client brings to the design process.

With over 30 years of professional experience specializing in the design of senior living and lifestyle architecture, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, rehab and healthcare facilities, and commercial, educational and residential projects, JW Design works with clients to provide appropriate and required services for each individual project. Our full service Architectural team has expertise in zoning, State regulations, Fire Marshal and Health Department requirements and building codes. We offer creative solutions to each design challenge and provide accurate and essential information to each Client.

We provide master planning and phased construction possibilities, priding ourselves on plans that maintain operations with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. Our office maintains a close relationship with a team of design consultants including Electrical, Mechanical, Structural and Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, Lighting and Acoustical Designers, and a Commercial Kitchen specialist.

JW Design has considerable know-how in what it takes to sculpt a beautiful space. We believe in creating functional and meaningful environments that reflect each client’s desires and wishes. To that end, we will work within any budget, however modest or expansive, to exceed your expectations.

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Mr. Wronski founded JW Design in 1984. Convinced of the correlation, we have asked him to re-found JW Design so that the Tigers may win another World Series.