The Resort Model

The experiential qualities inherent in modern vacation resorts provide a prime design inspiration that can be implemented when considering the design of new rehabilitation facilities. Although checking into a resort and a rehabilitation facility happen under very different circumstances, they share similar levels of complexity of staff and service flow, guest needs and service requirements.

From arrival at the main entry through registration, the interior environment designed using the resort model can transform both the image of a rehabilitation facility and the resident’s experience during their stay. The analogy between rehab and resort is strong when you acknowledge the parallels. Guests check in, stay in a guest room, schedule therapies, relax in gardens, and go to cafés and dining rooms. Guests are on property for a week or two and return home, feeling invigorated. The Resort Model provides spa services, a hair salon, massage therapy, a coffee house and lounge, outdoor gardens and terraces with views to nature, all in addition to physical and occupational therapy suites.

By branding a concept and marketing an experience that sharply contrasts with the traditional medical model rehab facility, additional revenue generation can be achieved. The Resort Model rehabilitation facility is a desired destination rather than a medical necessity between hospital and home. For the guest experience, caregivers have an ability to provide services to guests in an environment based on relaxation and retreat while facility owners obtain a strategic method to differentiate their operations and philosophy of care from competitors.

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