It’s Just a Phase!

Senior care facilities are currently undergoing sweeping changes. Renovations and additions pose particular challenges for operations that intend to house guests during construction. Properly phasing a project over an established time period has several noteworthy benefits, including:

• Maintaining existing service with minimal disruption
• Affordability: incremental steps may allow more to be accomplished in the long term
• Taking the first step toward Culture Change
• Opportunities to assess new technologies on a smaller scale
• Evaluations of new design concepts prior to full implementation in future phases

Renovation efforts must consider phasing possibilities while accommodating any logistical design challenge that may arise.  A phasing plan that maintains existing services with minimal disruption to continued operation is the ultimate goal, although safety of residents, staff and visitors throughout the course of the construction project is a top priority. It is also essential to develop and nurture a relationship with industry regulators, building officials and facility operations personnel, thereby helping to ensure that work may progress smoothly from plan submittals to project closeout.  The gallery below shows work completed in phases while a building was in full operation.

A variety of seating and dining options.
A nurse station is now a coffee counter.
Resident rooms were removed to create open, light-filled day spaces.
A fresh new guest corridor.