Major Renovation at Richmond Nursing Facility

MediLodge of Richmond was an existing 126-bed skilled nursing facility located in the rural village of Richmond, Michigan. The old 1960’s era building consisted mostly of semi-private and ward rooms, limited therapy spaces, low ceilings and cramped employee areas. Sited on a large plot of land, the decision was made to build an entirely new 53,000 sq. ft. structure adjacent to the existing building.  The new building was designed to accommodate all 126 beds, day spaces, therapy areas, a coffee shop, a new main entrance and lobby and food service areas. The smaller existing building remains for the kitchen, storage, laundry, and offices.

With a comfortable and welcoming new lobby, an expansive rehabilitation suite, a central coffee shop called the Java Lodge, and light-filled day rooms, the amenities and planning reflect the owner’s progressive philosophy of care. Decompression was achieved by building 66 private rooms and 30 semi-private rooms for a total of 126 beds. From the main entrance to each guest room, design ideals focused on comfort and pleasure as well as optimization for staffing needs and operational requirements. All common items needed to support care are located in storage areas on each wing in order to maximize caregiver contact time. Design processes were strongly influenced by the analysis and implementation of trends in hotel, restaurant, and leisure environments. Due to a tight budget, selections in materials, finishes and furniture were optimized to provide value, durability and beauty.

The facility now services a wide range of community needs, from long-term care to two-week rehabilitation stays. The new space has been well embraced by the community, long-time employees and ownership alike.