Hospitality, Not Hospitals

Design considerations for senior living and care facilities have seen an abrupt shift in recent years.  Trending away from the institutional environments of the past, architects and interior designers are looking toward resorts, hotels, casinos, and even cruise ships as design inspiration for the new senior living environment. Using familiar finishes, forms and styles from hospitality-centric elements, guest rooms and public areas are trending toward openness, warmth and flexibility.

Working with furniture manufacturers, custom pieces which meet the needs and requirements of the caregiver in terms of health, security and durability concerns can be specified. Price points are often comparable to typical institutional options. Space with familiar scales, materials and decorative items not only makes the guest more comfortable, but encourages visitors and can improve the length and quality of a visit.

By utilizing a wider variety of sources, and working with the manufacturers to design the most appropriate, efficient and family-friendly furniture, fixtures and environment, the results can be positive for all. Staff efficiency, visitor satisfaction, and guest happiness and health are measurable outcomes that can be affected.